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Why choosing marble for your kitchen countertop is a good idea.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


Granite in the kitchen, marble in the bath, so says conventional wisdom. Conventional is safe, conventional is mainstream. It is our contention, however, that conventional does not usually occur in the same sentence as “magnificent”. Better to ask yourself a question: What would Michelangelo do? We think he’d definitely choose marble. Because he has.

Marble is everywhere. Used in every place. Why? Because marble, Italian marble in particular, is as we like to say “timeless, classic and luxurious. Yes, Marble is considered a “soft” stone. However, it is stone. Not resin, not glass or laminate. It is stone. Have you been to Italy? Or Greece? Or down to your local courthouse or government building? All those amazing, white-veined inspiring surfaces and structures you marveled over, inside and out, guess what? They’re marble.

Here’s a few other things to consider if you’re thinking about a spectacular marble countertop:

  • Marble adds value to your home:

Besides looking fantastic, a marble countertop such as Statuario or Calacatta or Bianco Carrara, will make your kitchen the highlight of the home. Each variety of these marble colors can be coordinated with most any color scheme.  That’s why Interior Designers love them. Italian marble never goes out of style. And when it finally comes to resale, you would be hard-pressed to find another material that adds more value to your home than Italian marble.  

  • Marble is durable:

Again, what was the David sculpted from? Hint: it wasn’t quartz or granite!!! The Colosseum, the Forum, were constructed from marble. They lasted a pretty long time … Just sayin’.

  • Marble is easy to maintain:

What?? Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a common misconception that marble countertops need constant care to stay clean. In reality, maintaining a marble countertop, doesn’t go beyond cleaning it as routinely as you clean any other piece in your house. If you spill red wine on your nice new Calacatta top, it will not immediately stain. As long as you don’t intend on leaving spilled wine and food overnight, in most cases, your marble will not stain. We do recommend though, that you use a high quality, professional grade sealer, such as Dry Treat. Dry Treat’s superb line of stone care products are available from Arc Stone & Tile. For more information oh these products, please email us:

Here’s a short video by Dry Treat on sealing your countertops:

  • Marble is practical:

There’s a reason that top chefs like Wolfgang Puck use marble in their own kitchens. Their heat-resistant quality will put you at ease while cooking as you won’t run the risk of damaging it with an accidental hot pan.  For the more seasoned chefs, marble countertops make baking even more exciting as their natural cool temperature will help you in the process and you’ll end up with some amazing baked goods. They are wonderful to use when dealing with easy to melt substances such as chocolate. Cook away, your marble top can take it! Rather than doing the work directly on your countertop (which you can do), we suggest requesting a cutting board to be made from your kitchen slab. This can easily be done with little or no extra cost.

Overall, a marble countertop  will provide your kitchen with a stunning and practical countertop surface that will be a great investment you will be glad you made every time you lay your eyes on it.  

Michael F Coiro 6/15/21

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