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Quartzmaster Joint Venture

Our relationship with QuartzMaster, originated nearly 30 years ago. My father established Arc Stone Inc in NJ in 1990. The 90’s were a blur of rapid growth in the economy overall and building in particular. The slab and tile industry just exploded. Exciting times to be in the stone business and exciting times for Arc Stone. It was during that time, that my father and Acher’s Uncle met, at first as competitors. After a few, lets say “rocky” (pun intended) encounters, somehow they just clicked and became fast friends. I first met Acher while he was working for his Uncle. Could I forsee what would happen in the future? No, is the short answer.

Fast forward to about 2 years ago, Acher, now on his own, mentioned his quartz products and brought up the possibility of getting together in Florida. I was skeptical, to say the least. arc stone had made a foray into quartz slabs about 10 years ago with an Italian quartz company. Quartz wasn’t so popular back then. There were a few players pushing their way into the market, However those products were not highly regarded at that time, and as far as we could tell, not very sought after. Further, we had no particular focus other than to sell an entire line of colors. Short story, you could say we were ahead of our time (well, that’s how we like to think of it….., you could also say we had no clue…but the former sounds so much better).

Fast forward again, to the end of 2016. This time, I visited Acher and viewed the QuartzMaster products first hand. Wow what a difference a decade makes! Quartz has come a long way since our brief foray. The quality, the purity has improved dramatically. There have been significant advancements in technology and production. This is all very apparent in the products QuartzMaster carries. Acher has put together an eye catching line of quartz colors with large slab sizes and book matched patterns. In addition, the QuartzMaster portfolio has the largest color pallet I know of in Italian marble renderings. Over 40 colors with more on the way!

In my view, arc stone was meant to be involved with QuartzMaster, as our specialty and focus is Italian marble. What a perfect partnership with the highest quality quartz available in all the colors that are near and dear to our heart. There are also some innovative takes on Italian marble in wonderful quartz slabs that are not easily found in a natural stone version.

Needless to say, after taking everything in during my visit, I was overwhelmed. My next question to Acher was, “When can we start??!” Our first shipments arrived in February. And even though we are still very early in the product launch, QuartzMaster has already made an immediate impact. Days after slabs arrived, our very first sale was made to an upscale waterfront bar & grill in downtown West Palm Beach. The design and appointments there are all first class, and with a Statuario Venato QuartzMaster bartop, it all comes together in a spectacular fashion.

We expect this is the first of many many projects to come where QuartzMaster will be making a standout contribution to the very best in residential and commercial design projects in our area and the State. We feel honored, privileged and excited to be part of the QuartzMaster family bringing these wonderful products to our discriminating clientele.

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