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Video Journals from Xiamen Fair 2019

So I went to the Xiamen 2019 Fair, primarily to investigate the Quartz situation (See last post “Chinese Tariffs). It’s one of the largest, if not the largest stone show in the industry. So much ground to cover. I decided to try something new (for me that is) and take short video journals. A few minutes long. I visited a factory of one reputable quartz producer that would have me (and they were great. Shout to Kelvin!!! Thank you!). Now, my intention was to document the quartz production process and also discuss the Tariff situation and what mitigating steps Chinese producers are taking. I think I failed miserably in that regard. The videos are too brief and we really didn’t get into much of the meat and potatoes of the mitigating factors, except to say that most companies are setting up foreign distribution and finishing centers in other parts of South East Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia. Some producers like the one I visited, already has some production capability in Malaysia and they are already exporting to the United States from there. And as I mentioned in the previous post, the opposition to the Cambria Tariffs is growing, and at some point, we believe those tariffs will be removed or if not, significantly reduced (for more information go here: 

And I’m also including the most recent news from stone update: 

So getting back to the videos. They are short, not terribly well done. I made them all with my iPhone and my camera skills, well, lets just say Camera Man is not a career option for me.

Other than that though, you may find them a least a little informative and entertaining and they do provide some insight into the quartz production process and why China is the only major producer of Quartz Slabs in traditional Italian Marble look colors.

If there is anything you would like to know that I didn’t cover (which is a lot), drop me a line and I’ll do my best to chase down the information for you.

I’ve include one video here from a gentlemen that just happened to catch my attention with two Chinese Marbles he specializes in. For the Quartz Info Video Journals, please go to: The quartz videos are there along with previous blog video posts (that you can see on this webpage as well).

Thank you for checking out this blog.

As always, we look forward to serving you.


PS check out our ever growing selection of quartz slabs:

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