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The Vanilla Ice Project: UPDATE

RVW aka Vanilla Ice, has done it again and transformed another property into an ICE PALACE!. Season 7 is in the books (and currently on the air) and arc stone & tile was proud to be a contributor. The Mansion, located in Melbourne, nearly two hours from us here in the Palm Beach area, turned out spectacular. And we are pretty happy with how our products turned out as well.

Rob chose imported Bianco Sivec marble for the kitchen. Which is against the conventional wisdom. That’s exactly why we are impressed with Rob as he bucks the trend and never follows the crowd. He’s not alone. In fact, we are selling more and more marble for countertops as the look is luxurious and timeless as you can see and in demand. As we like to say, we resort to better living through chemistry. That is, we can mitigate staining that might occur from accidents and spills by using a quality impregnating sealer. More and more, kitchens are the centerpiece of any home and a place where family and friends spend much of their time. As such, atmosphere and ambiance are important. For certain discerning clients, marble is the product of choice to achieve their ideal setting. Is marble softer than granite or quartzite? Yes. But as with all natural stone, hardness of marble varies and while still susceptible to etching, with some care and consideration a marble top can be a viable and eye catching countertop surface that you will simply adore.

The bath vanity looks like wood. It’s a dead ringer for a wood countertop cut from a large tree. But alas it’s Quartzite! As far as the oakwood quartzite, goes, well, quartzite is hard. (How hard? take a look at our previous blog for our cliff notes on the definitive guide to quartzite.) While it still requires sealing to prevent staining, and as with all natural stone, there is variation, in color and technical characteristics. That being said though, quartzite is the hardest of natural stone surfaces available.

Spoiler alert: here are just a few pictures of how our materials turned out. You will see these in greater detail of course, on the VIP project episodes, Season 7 begins airing July 15th on the DIY Network.


See more VIP episodes at

Fabrication/Installation by Lapis Design Group.

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