Once in a Hundred Years

Hi. Welcome to the third installment of our “On the Rocks” Blog, and our first video!

During the later part of 2016, my father was had procured these superb, premium calacatta slabs 3cm thick, gorgeous and spectacular. We had about a half container of them. Most of them went to a project in South Beach, some went out of state and a few to lucky, Palm Beach County residents. My Dad called these “once in a 100 years Calacatta”, because slabs this beautiful are rare and hard to find (My father just recently got some more in 2cm slabs (pictured below)……ok so twice in 100 years??). This video was shot as a rehearsal in preparation for a more in depth and extensive presentation on Italian marble and Calacatta in particular. Well, you know sometimes what you envision, just doesn’t seem to materialize the way you expect. I am not the most comfortable guy in front of a camera. So my collaborators offered me some advice, “Just relax, be yourself and talk about the marble”. You will see my attempt at that in this video. While I’m still formulating a more in-depth presentation on Italian Marble, I thought some may find this short lets say, less formal, video interesting and useful. Still with me? Here it is:

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